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UPDATE: This Walgreens is Flattening its Pointy Thing

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You've still got a while until they open (next summer), but from what we're hearing, this Walgreens will be ultrafabulous just like the behemoth at State and Randolph. Not only will this one have 2 separate areas for sushi, a smoothie bar, coffee bar, enhanced beauty section, on staff nutritionist, a 4-station nail salon, it will also have quite the fancy façade.

First of all, the Broadway entrance is going to be sealed and the Clark street entrance will be moving further north on the building - directly across the street from the CVS (still under construction) in the Century Shopping Centre. Secondly, the brick on the first and second floors is going to be blown out to accommodate enormous windows that will illuminate the intersection more than that silly LED billboard above Jamba Juice. And lastly, the jut out that used to be the entrain to the bank will be chopped off to where the second level and be entirely glass with a large glass awning.
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2828 N Clark, Chicago , IL


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Walgreens Lakeview

2817 N Clark, Chicago IL