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Lakeview's New Candy Store Opens Tomorrow; Get Yo Sugar Fix

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When we heard there was another Candy Factory opening in Lakeview, similar to the pop-up in Andersonville last November we immediately perked up thinking that it was going to specialize in Blommer Chocolate (like the other one). We stopped by this new candy store, named Fuzzywig's Candy Factory, set to open tomorrow at 9:30AM for a look at what they'll be selling.

Offerings included mints, a few handmade chocolates, a bulk wall of gummies sold by the pound and an outstanding array of nostalgic candies but no Blommer. Turns out, the company operates in several locations including the Bahamas, Guam, Wauwatosa, Dallas and Cumming, Georgia. This location will only be the second store in Illinois behind Yorktown Mall.
· Fuzziwig's Candy Factory [Official Site]

Fuzziwig's Candy Factory

2808 N Clark, Chicago IL