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If There's One Thing The Lakeview World Market Isn't Running Low On, Its Ombre Wicker Baskets (and Other Baskets Too)

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If you saw all our Lakeview updates yesterday but were wondering about the progression of the liquidation of World Market as they make way for Walmart, here it is: Baskets. We just can't believe how many baskets they have left. We spotted four large sections of the store dedicated exclusively to baskets.

Shop from the selection of handsome rectangular ombre willow baskets, kitchen baskets, bathroom baskets and the highest rated and wildly popular Mini Madison Storage Baskets in a multitude of colors. Additionally, there are other wicker vessels and basket accoutrements (for styling your basket) and basket accessories like natural wood fibers for basket fluffing. Most of the store's depleting categories; wine, kitchen utensils, knick knacks, furniture, foodstuffs, even store fixtures are marked at 10-25% off while baskets are 25-30% off.
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