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AWESOME: The President of Lithuania Shops at Supreme Novelty Fabrics During NATO Conference

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Dalia Grybauskaité, President of the Republic of Lithuania, and Richard Schneider of Supreme Novelty Fabrics

In times of conflict, in times of peace, the NATO Summit happens regardless. Usually taking place in somewhat rural areas, the leaders of the world have limited shopping options. Being in this fabulous urban paradise though, brings many opportunities for these leaders of the world to catch a VIP dinner at the Ikram cafe, score a special cigar from Up-Down Cigar and make a surprise visit to Supreme Novelty Fabrics in the West Loop. Yes, that is just what happened. The President of Lithuania went fabric shopping.

This past weekend, Supreme Novelty Fabric welcomed to their store Dalia Grybauskaité, President of the Republic of Lithuania, who was in Chicago for NATO. Apparently word may have leaked few weeks prior, when an individual was scoping out the store for an unnamed VIP client. Store manager, Lalo Martinez helped President Grybauskaité, who was searching for a patterned silk fabric for a dress she was commissioning. President Grybauskaité preferred fabrics only in navy blue, as it is her favorite color to wear. President Dalia Grybauskaité left the store with a new Supreme Novelty Fabrics tote, the first one ever to be sold, carrying her beautiful navy blue 100% silk jacquard fabric.

Richard Schneider, owner of Supreme Novelty Fabrics, stated “NATO brought the world to Chicago, which in turn brought Chicago to the world. This experience was such an honor for us and is a testimonial as to why NATO was here.”
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Supreme Novelty Fabrics

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