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Cece & Melinda Ask 30 Chicagoans to Reveal Misconceptions About Themselves

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Two of Chicago's best event producers, Cece and Melinda with Raymi Productions, in their latest e-blast just revealed three common misconceptions about themselves... and then asked 30 social Chicagoans to reveal a misconception about themselves. Included were Billy Dec, Candace Jordan, Mr. Bowtie Memoirs, Catie Keogh, Kelli Zink, The Mafia Hairdresser, Chicago's Ebay Queen, and Julie Darling. Oh, and its gooood.

Here are the three misconceptions that Cece and Melinda revealed in their e-blast - taken verbatim:

1. Being asked if we are lesbians.
While we absolutely support the gay community and have so many friends of this nature we ourselves are not lesbians.

2. If we met while working at a post-office.
Not sure where this came from. While we support all women with working jobs to provide for their families we met in 2006 in ‘Corporate America’ when working together for a leading international testing, inspection, certification and technological services company servicing 14 sectors on 5 continents in over 40 countries. We started our company with no investors, no capital, no sugar daddies, just ourselves! We are minority business women owned and proud of it and are down-to-earth aside from the hair, makeup and heels! We have also been asked frequently what else we do or if this is our only job. We work full time for our own company and do not hold any other jobs. We work around the clock on our signature events and projects for clients, there’s no time for anything else!

3. Cece’s native country being Brazil or Colombia.
Most of the time people know Cece is from South America but are not sure of the specific country. While Cece loves the food, music and culture from Brazil and Colombia she is from Peru and is 100% Peruvian!

And then they finish it up by explaining that they're often labeled as ‘good cop’/'bad cop’ with Melinda being well mannered and Cece using a ‘Fiery Latina’ approach. If you want to see what the 30 social Chicagoans said were their misconceptions - head on over to the Raymi Productions blog. Trust us, you won't regret it.
· Cece & Melinda With Raymi Productions [Official Site]