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Tru Fragrance is Making a Parfum that Smells Like Chicago

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Photo: J. Siegel Designs

If you're such a Chicago fan who even hates to leave the city, even for a minute, you're in luck. Now, you can wear Chicago with you wherever you go.

Tru Fragrance, a Chicago-based company, is partnering with the City of Chicago for a personalized way to embody the essence of the city--in a fragrance. Tru Blooms Chicago will nurture plants and flowers in green spaces around the city to bottle the distinctive notes that are inherent in the flora and that smell distinctly "Chicago." We know, right? Amaze-balls. AND, Chicago is the ONLY market where this initiative is happening. Stay tuned to find out where you can procure this limited edition bottling.
· Tru Fragrance [Official Site]
· City of Chicago [Official Site]