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Oh Yeah, Here are Some of The Sexy Accoutrements You Could Have Bought at The International Mr. Leather Market

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Maybe this past weekend was all about barbecues, boats and drunken brunches? Eh? Or maybe it was visiting the Hyatt Regency on Wacker to buy sexy clothes and toys to beef up your kink closet drawer. If you were one in the latter bunch, you may forgo perusing this photo album, because what you folks saw we're sure is burned in your brain for months to come. If you spent the weekend on the boat or are backyard beer & barbecue-type, you may hereby enjoy this photo album of things seen and things you could have purchased at the International Mr Leather Market. Curious Chicagoans and enthusiastic fetisheers flocking from all corners of the world went to shop this market of sex-industry services and products.

· International Mr. Leather [Official Site]