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Blowtique Officially Opens Tomorrow, Here's What it Looks Like

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Opening day came quickly for Blowtique. It seems it was just last week when we wrote about the newest blowdry-only salon opening in River North. It happens tomorrow at 9AM when Chicagoans will be able to get a blowout as often as we get our nails done and for only $35.

We stopped by last evening and talked with Artistic Director for the salon, Rhona Kane and Owner, Fiona McEntee. We asked Rhona, hailing from Dublin, what she thought the most popular treatment on the menu would be and with no hesitation in her thick irish accent said, "The Magnificent. This one Chicago ladies love because of its lightweight body."

Enthused by the concept and realizing Chicago's readiness now for the idea of a blowdry-only salon, we ask Fiona if she has plans to open other locations sometime soon. Also in a thick Irish accent, "Yea, we're looking at the near suburbs and a few spots just outside the city. We're also looking in the Southport neighborhood, Lincoln Park, Wicker Park but we haven't signed anything yet."
· Blowtique [Official Site]