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Van Shatters Max Mara's Windows, Hurts Mannequin's Leg

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Shortly after 8:50AM in the dewy morning rush hour, a happy-go-lucky van driver was doing his job of driving his van when all of the sudden his brakes went out. Traveling east on Delaware, to avoid the busy (usually bus-clogged) intersection at Michigan Ave he dramatically swooped to the left, jumping the curb and shattering Max Mara's window, ruining their newly remodeled store's display.

One of the four mannequins was lounging on the floor in somewhat of a side saddle position and the other three were standing nearby, one of which had her leg caught between the van's bumper and the back of the window. No live-pedestrians were hurt.
· Max Mara [Official Site]
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900 North Michigan Shops

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Max Mara

900 N Michigan Ave, Chicago IL