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Six Witty Gifts 'Off The Registry' for Convivial Couples

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So you've got a friend or a family member you love and adore that had decided to 'take the plunge' with their companion. Maybe you've got a silly relationship with the couple or they just have everything already - so what do you get them? Well, chances are they're already registered at Racked 38 Member, Judy Maxwell but in the off-chance they have no clue this Gold Coast gem exists, here are some suggestions... starting with this 12-foot beach ball for $250 the newlyweds can bring with them on their romantic tropical island honeymoon.

For the couple who never spends time at home but still wants a dog, why not a low-maintainentce collie cut-out. Many pooches available for $35-$65.

For the couple living in a space with a telephone jack in the wall: a vintage telephone with a cord for $235.

They take care of the interiors, and like to nurture their creative minds - what better coffee table book than this Gangsta Rap coloring book for $18.

For the couple who blew the entire budget on the wedding and then the rest at the casino on the honeymoon, french pizza knives with the word "pizza" die-cut into the steel. 'Cuz we all know they'll be eating Homemade Pizza until they pay off the AMEX.

For the long winter nights when staying in is just too unbearable, how about extra large wine-glasses for $215 each. Also, this gift would be a good one with a Melchizedek of Champagne.
· Judy Maxwell Home [Official Site]

Judy Maxwell

1151 N State Street, Chicago, IL 60611 Visit Website

Judy Maxwell

1151 N State, Chicago IL