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The Mystery of Margiela Coming to Michigan Ave

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Shivers run throughout the solar system this morning as Racked National has learned that the rumored Maison Martin Margiela for H&M collaboration IS ON and 100% truth. [Full story here] This means one or more of three things for the next time we wake up at 5:30 to shop the Midwest Launch of H&M's next collab:

1) In light of "the democracy" of fashion, all wristbands in the confusing color-coded wristband system will be white.
2) The windows of the Michigan Avenue store will become frosted and the entire floor of the collection's selling space will be gold or distressed light wood wrapped in saran wrap.
3) The shopping bags will be white linen, lined with a whiter linen.

The video of a hand sketching a Darted Sweater for Autumn-Winter 2012:

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