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Check Out These Wedding Cakes from Bleeding Heart Bakery

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The most punk-ass bakery we know of by far is Bleeding Heart Bakery over on West Chicago Ave. Hey, and they're not only known for killer croissants and cupcakes - they do an outstanding wedding cake business. Just last weekend, 8 cakes went out. This one here, features a Cubs hat fused with a Sox hat symbolizing the unity of both the grooms' favorite ball teams... and then their pet Chihuahua's head is popping out of the side of it.

You may be thinking this cake is a bit extreme for a wedding, as is the gold Buddha cake, Monster the Muppet playing the drums and the life-size cat cake, Are you? Maybe, but it just goes to show that everyone's special day can (and should) be their own - whatever it means to the couple.
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