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Serial Arsonist in Andersonville Catches Haymaker Afire

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At about 5:00AM today, what appears to be the latest in a series of trashcan fires happened in the alleyway behind Haymaker on Clark in Andersonville. Shop owner, Arrin Williams, as he walked us through the damage this morning, said nothing in the front of the shop is deemed unsellable, though entire store was filled with smoke.

In the workshop in the rear of the store where the garage door caught on fire, some property was destroyed and even more had been drenched from when the fire department drenched the space. Today, the shop is closed for business and will resume normal business tomorrow. The Andersonville Chamber of Commerce has sent a letter to Andersonville businesses warning of the instance.

Dear Aville business owners, I just received a call from a business owner in the 5500 block of Clark Street about a trash can fire that was set at approximately 5:00 am this morning in the alley behind his business. The fire caused extensive damage to a garage and may have damaged some of the cable/utility lines over the alley. The police have already been looking for possible video footage, although what they have found so far is not great as it was still dark outside.

The business owner also said there appear to have been at least two more fires set in garbage cans this morning, but I don't have any other details about those locations.

Please notify the police if you saw something unusual this morning, and please be on the lookout for any suspicious activity in the alleys as the police and fire department investigate what were hopefully only isolated incidents. I will send out any relevant updates if there is anything further that can be done.


Jason Cox

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