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Inside the Construction at Suitsupply; Opens June 29

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We wanted to give you an update on Oak Street's newest addition, Suitsupply - which is set to open on June 29. Use your imagination and absorb photos as a mood board for what the store is putting together. First off, we have to say that the rooftop is still going to be pretty swank. Last week, the furniture was hoisted atop the roof with a crane and the planks for the deck have been laid. And in the case you haven't been following along at home, there will be drinks up there.

Inside, the custom-made store fixtures have arrived from the Netherlands and are being installed. There is a made-to measure room with a large LED-lit wall, a display for shirts next to ties and an undulating rack on a yellow lacquer wall for the suits. All the signage will be backlit with LED while accent walls are covered with a deep grey fused thread-like rubber wallpaper. The construction will start to wrap up this week at which point we'll start to see it become a real-live shop. Get ready gents, this is your new playground.
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