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Cute Gifts for Cute Children Celebrating Pride Month

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This month is Pride Month and parents are making an extra effort to celebrate diversity and help the future generation grow into a place where they can relish in being different from their peers.

In this spirit, we've picked out a handful of super fun toys from local shops that you can buy for cute children (but only cute ones) to celebrate Pride Month. First up, this adorbs purple onesie from Threadless. It has an illustration of an ice cream cone and a donut running through rainbow-colored sprinkles. The title of the shirt? "Playin' in the Sprinkler".

Encouraging a future of drum solos, Green Genes in Andersonville has many a rainbow puzzles and motor-skill enhancing products from HaPe. Take, for instance this Pound and Tap Bench which when pounded sends the balls tinkling over the xylophone promoting understanding of logic, spatial relationships and critical thinking.

Indie 38 Member, Uncle Fun on Belmont has an outstanding stock of unicorn tattoos and a matching unicorn tote to tote them in! And with the price of tattoos at $1.50 you can afford to cover your entire body with them.

For the growing tots, Threadless suggests this Xylosaurus tee for the pint-sized price of $18.

And then for the kiddos able to socialize beyond the playgroup, Red Balloon in Bucktown and Andersonville has just got a fresh shipment of friendship bracelet-making kits from Seedling.

Being ugly is normal for Ugly Dolls at Bucktown's Psychobaby Boutique. They've been the hottest plush toys around for baby, toddlers and kids since their inception in 2001. Each comes with its own name and story, as well as a boat load of weird-in-a-good way personality.

Red Balloon Company

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