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Brunello Cucinelli Opens a Store of Textural Wonder, Complete with Clouds Made of Cashmere

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Nestled on one of the most picturesque alleyways in Chicago and surrounded by legendary Gold Coast restaurants, Brunello Cucinelli has opened its doors to Midwest luxury lovers. Yesterday was the shop's first full day of business after a quiet opening the day before. The Italian maker of clothing, outerwear, shoes and accessories concentrates on quality of material - like in the tradition of fine Italian clothing, only in contemporary shapes. The racks are seemingly monochromatic until one gets closer to inspect the hand-dyed silks, supple leathers and shoes that sit atop puffed cloud-like cashmere pillows placed strategically at the end of each collection.

Take note: the Cucinelli material library has expanded this Autumn/Winter to include more versatile outerwear made of leather and reversed shearling. For down jackets, all the quills are removed from the feather so pieces are even easier to squish and comfort. The newest material for the brand is called cashmere fur which is the show-stopper on the racks this season.

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Brunello Cucinelli

939 N Rush Street, Chicago, IL 60611 Visit Website