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How to be a Background Filler on Chicago's Latest Reality Show

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Via the Racked tipline, we've received some juicy inside bits about an episode of a Chicago-based reality television show through the eyes of an extra. Since confidentiality agreements were required, we were asked to protect the identity of the people affiliated with this post. Photos were taken before entering the building and the author was "gag ordered".

[Fellow background fillers]

The yummiest reality show filming in Chicago right now looking for beautiful background fillers. Chances are you might just be the next delicious delight that gets selected to be a part of setting the scene for the show. If you are looking for your 15 seconds of fame this is your chance.

[Far, far away from the Loop]

In middle of your work day as your energy drains and you find yourself clicking onto more often than actually doing work you may just hear the fateful ding of a message alert. In that message is a cryptic code inviting you a confectionary treat of a dress parade. Once your “in” a notification of time and place will be directed to you. Don't be alarmed if the address on hand is a south side industrial space, simply embrace your adventurous side and gird your loins!

Tramping through the Chicago streets on a sweaty summer evening is not a good look for your first TV appearance--seriously where is this place? --but the lengths you’ll go for a glimpse of your bad self on TV! Sticky (but not sweet) would be an accurate way to describe the holding room upon arrival where you and other background fillers are herded through matters of conduct before being released onto set. The scene of the night is a confectionary fantasy parade of frocks that are meant to evoke fun and frivolity. Vomited Skittles would be an accurate way of describing the melange of candy coated colors that adorned the crowd ready to chomp on some sticky sweet fashion creations.

It would have been a dandy delicious time, but imagine the same line up of ensembles being retrod at least thrice in the same sequence and you will realize the tediousness of filming “reality TV.” The perks of filling in as such a bystander for such a show has its merits in: bragging rights, free bubbly, and resume stuffers for the aspiring actor. However, if you're not quite the delectable morsel of hoochi-fied delight that composed a majority of the these background bystanders in this deep dish of Chicago candy then you may find yourself feeling just a bit out of your element.

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