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Alexis Bittar's Summer Sale Starts Today

Image via Alexis Bittar

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Some folks are nearsighted, some farsighted...but we at Racked are....LUCITE-d. (ha!) We are madly in love with the King of Lucite, Alexis Bittar, and his meticulously crafted and architectural jewelry. His pieces are definitely "wearable art," and can jazz up even the most mundane of outfits. However, his prices can be steep: after all, you are paying for labor and Alexis' personal touch. But we at Racked love luxury, the only thing we love more than luxury itself is a sale on luxurious items. Hence why the Bittar Boutique on Damen is our best friend right now.

Beginning today, a selection of seasonal spring and summer pieces are 30% off. Think pinks, purples and blues, just in time for summer. We suggest you get to the cute Bucktown store at anything other than a glacial pace, to smell what the store is cooking. If you purchase something, why don't you let us know what you bought? Post a photo on our Facebook page, or tell us about the insane price that you bought it for. We'd love to know.
· Alexis Bittar [Official Site]

Alexis Bittar

1710 N Damen Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60647 Visit Website