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Darth Vader and Princess Leia Win The 6th Annual Pride Pet Parade and Costume Contest

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[Photos: Chrystine]

In case you missed it, Miss Foozie presided over the 6th Annual Pride Pet Parade and Costume Contest this weekend. Over 40 pooches participated, but due to the 90º heat many dogs, like their human counterparts decided to go without clothing. Most dogs entered in the contest opted for rainbow scarves, tutus and other colorful accessories. Standouts in the contest included a Chihuahua in a puritan costume, a pug fresh off the luau circuit in a stroller and a western-inspired Jack-Russell sheriff with his cowgirl.

The winner of the contest was Darth Vader the French bulldog with his leggy companion, Princess Leia. Upon receiving his award Darth waddled to the corner of the stage, laid on his side in the shade under some PA equipment and mumbled "The universe is mine".

Impressive. Most impressive, Mr. Vader.
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