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Chicago Startup Launches Fashion Tape for Men

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Feeling generous? You are? Well then how about helping a brotha out? A Chicago native has just launched his Kickstarter campaign to help the fashionable man always look just that: fashionable and impeccably put together. The Gentleman's Fashion Anchor is the brainchild of Jon Yeazel, a man who got tired of worrying about the small details when it came to dressing: ties blowing in the wind, collars not lying flat, and sleeves too long. His idea? A super strong adhesive tape that can bond two fabrics together and will come off clean when removed. With this product, he never has to sweat the small stuff. In fact, he looks perfectly well-dressed. And you men out there will too, once you use it.

The GFA remedies myriad tailoring problems without the hassle of sending garments to the tailor or trying to needle and thread something yourself. In about five seconds, you will look like you stepped out of the pages of GQ or The Robb Report. How do you get one, you may ask? Well, manufacturing takes money, and he's started a Kickstarter campaign to get these babies into production. If you donate $10 or more, Jon will send you a month's supply of the Gentleman's Fashion Anchor, so you'll look almost perfect.
· Necks & Balances [Official Site]