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Ben Cohen Launches Underwear Line; Cuddles Puppy on W Lakeshore Wet Deck

Photo: Robert Compitello

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So rugby player extraordinaire Ben Cohen was in town over the weekend for a special brunch appearance launching his new underwear line (yep). It happened on the Wet Deck at the W Lakeshore a few hours before the start of the Pride Parade. Here he is canoodling a bit between mimosas with Ernie the puppy.

After mingling with guests, we asked Ben a few questions revealing the fruits from his labor of love, The StandUp Foundation and a few other probing questions like what he would wear on his dream vacation.

Racked: Who are you wearing?

Ben Cohen: A StandUp t-shirt by Nike... We have a special edition underwear line from Bluebuck that just launched today and cotton shirts that people can buy on the website. You know these sales help advance equality for the LGBT community by contributing to programs that stop bullying. It's about engaging the consumer to support the cause.

Racked: Great work with StandUp, you have our support. Paper or plastic?
Ben: Paper.

Racked: Favorite material?
Ben: Cotton.

Racked: Dream vacation, and what would you wear?
Ben: Mauritius, and that depends on how hot it is.

Hot indeed, Ben. Hot indeed.
· The StandUp Foundation [Official Site]

W Lakeshore

644 N Lakeshore Dr, Chicago IL