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An Eerie Silence at Bonnie & Clyde's Hideout

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Over the weekend we heard there was something majorly in the works over at Bonnie & Clyde's Hideout. The Racked 38 Member, without a publishable address has been in mysterious dwellings for a few months now building suspense for a next move. Since creating a Rick Owens-laden layer in a Gold Coast sky-rise we've been hearing the store has had some minor celeb attention and will soon have a media appearance on the boob tube.

All this being said we know the in-store crew has flown the coop and is in Paris right now for Paris Fashion Week. While there, we know the buying list is big. Our sources tell us the newest line soon to be featured in the Hideout is COMME des GARÇONS. Which makes us wonder...

The addition of a new label as heavy-hitting as COMME at a time when the exposure of the store is less than optimized on street level seems like a strategic move. Could it be that they are re-launching their website to include e-commerce? Re-locating to a Rush Street storefront? We don't know for sure but we do have an eerie feeling that when the crew gets back from Paris a big boom will flood the store.
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