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Two Kind of Awesome Deals To Get You Places; Uber Starting Drama With Groupon Cat?

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Ok we've all taken cabs two blocks because our shoes hurt to walk in but still those trips are tinged with remorse for the principal of paying the pull fare and the gas surcharge. Now, like right now, there are two deals that are grabbing our attention that will make transport on this massive cartesian grid just a tad easier.

The first is through our trusty Groupon Cat. The sweaty CTA has finally jumped on the daily deal wagon. Right now for the next five days 3-day CTA Passes are $9 down from $14. And the second deal is through Uber. Beginning today, June 25 and continuing through Wednesday, June 27, all local TAXI rides requested through the Uber app will be free.

Also, according to the Uber Blog, they have changed their cancellation policy and used an image of a cat with the caption "I can haz changed mind". Is this a cute ploy to make a new cutthroat policy more palatable or is this Uber's "translation" of the ever famous deal savvy Groupon Cat?
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· Uber [Official Site]