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What Would You Wear to Visit a Zombie Theme Park?

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Racked's own purveyor of fine tastes, J'nai Gaither contemplates a day trip after the new news of Detroit's zombie theme park.

[Photo: Zombie Catalogue]

Picture this: An abandoned section of the far north, south or west sides. Run-down streets, windows broken in condemned houses, and vermin acting as if they own the place. Then picture this: You just happen to stumble upon one of these abandoned plots to find a figure in the distance staring at you--cold, lifeless eyes, tattered threads and blood stains scattered about his frame. You stare back incredulously, wondering if you're in a dream. When you realize you are, you run for your life...sounds a bit Michael Jackson Thriller-ish, doesn't it? Well, that's the point.

As Curbed Detroit's intrepid real estate groupies have found out, there might soon be a place called Z World Detroit that will transform blighted neighborhoods in the city into a Zombie theme park that would make productive (arguable) use of the abandoned spaces.

This got us thinking: if we were to road trip to such a place, what on earth (or what beyond the grave) would we wear?? Even to battle zombies, we'd want to look cute. If you're not into what they'd be selling at the gift shop, here's an outfit to make you look like you belong.

[Denim from ASOS, top from Macy's]
Ripped jeans--they're all the rage right now. Try these by ASOS. And a camo top like this one from Macy's. You gotta make sure it's got a bit of feminine flair. Finish off the look with a cool hairstyle a la this guy.

Now what would you wear to a zombie theme park? High fashion or sensible?
· Zombie Apocalypse Theme park Will Fix Neighborhood Blight [Curbed Detroit]


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