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ANNOUNCING: The West Town App

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Remember when we found out that West Town was developing an App? Well it's done and it launches the weekend of West Fest, July 7 when you'll be able to carry it around in your pocket until the end of the age of technology. We want you to use it in all West Town locales: Wicker Park, Ukrainian Village, East Village, Humboldt Park, Eckhart Park, Noble Square and River West.

[You can scan it now... but we're telling you the app doesn't launch until July 7]

With a slew of discoverable budding independent, locally-owned shops, restaurants and galleries, the retail corridor of West Town has just named the app Discover West Town. The app connects consumers with their favorite businesses. Think the neighborhood's coffee hangouts, vintage shops, boutiques, and people watching parks. Similarly to Foursquare, the app will geotag the user's location to find results based on what they’re looking for, whatever may be their preference at any given time. Once you've found a store you like using the directory, you can share a deal, sale or promotion they're having or what you found using the integration feature for Twitter and Facebook. Also a plus, the app will have festival guides and list events.
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