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Rumors Swirling of Opening Day Fanfare at First Ever CityTarget

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Most of us barely remember back in 1993—so here's your history lesson for the day. When Target first expanded to the Chicago, the Minneapolis-based chain opened a total of 11 stores in one day which to that point is the most openings on one day.

Target has a great history with the city and as the company celebrates their 50th anniversary this year, and an outstanding number of shareholders here in Chicago and around the Midwest. So it only makes sense that the next steps for the company's presence in Chicago will be large. The very first CityTarget opens July 29.

We've heard rumors that opening day at this CityTarget will include some incredible fanfare (and we all know how target likes to get stunt-y). This will be the first CityTarget to open and will garner national attention even if they just unlocked the doors-but from what we're hearing, opening day will be big. Though Seattle is opening one on the same day, in our opinion, Seattle can't compete. Plus they're a few too many time zones behind the times.
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