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Marcellas Reynolds of Ford Launches App Called CoffeeTable

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E-commerce and apps are changing the face of retail. You need look no further than at the success of iPhone and iPad apps for Net-a-porter, Gilt Groupe and Groupon to know that apps are where it's at. We're serious about apps here at Racked, and live by two mottos: "Apps: don't leave home without 'em," and "the more apps in our possession, the better." We don't think that the market is saturated at all. We say, 'keep 'em coming!'--which brings us to our announcement: CoffeeTable app is the next big thing.

It culls the internet for online retail catalogs, and puts them all in one app called CoffeeTable. You might think that this could be a disastrous idea, but just check out this screenshot. It's clean, seamless and easily navigable, just as an app should be. CoffeeTable's got potential, and it's represented by a very app-t [sic] Chicagoan. His name is Marcellas Reynolds.

You may have heard of Marcellas, he's a prolific wardrobe stylist with Ford models, as well as an E! News red carpet host, and contributor to Good Day LA.

"The What’s New page is fun because that’s where the sales are! This is where you see the newest issues, what stores are new to the app, and all the sales in one place. CoffeeTable has the latest prices plus all sorts of sales that you can only get on CoffeeTable, so you know you’re getting a good value. Plus they have giveaways all the time."
said Marcellas about the app. The app is available now for iPad only, and it's free. Shop while you're in the air, on the go, and without leaving your home in the sweltering Chicago heat.
· CoffeeTable [Official Site]
· Marcellas Reynolds [Official Site]

UPDATE: 06/29/2012: CoffeeTable App was developed and launched by Real Valuable Corporation.