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Kiran Advani's Next Step Before Her New Job and Child Birth Involves an Arnold Palmer

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Early this morning like 4:30AMish we awoke from our dreams of Prada to check the Racked Twitter feed and noticed a slight change to Kiran Advani's Twitter handle bio. And just now around noonish we see Kiran has updated her Tumblr, Fashion Made in Chicago. Just as we suspected, but unconfirmed by Skoog this morning, Kiran, writes that as of tomorrow, she will no longer be the Fashion Director for The Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture and will be switching gears to a consulting role with Melissa Skoog Dunagan at Skoog Productions, the PR firm. Kiran hopes to join the team as Executive Vice President by the end of 2012/early 2013.

Two days ago, Kiran was tweeting with local boutique owner, Mallory Ulaszek about about what celebratory drink would be in order for her final day with The City of Chicago. The star tweet read, "If you want to find me I'll probably be on Division somewhere having an Arnold Palmer".

For those of you boutique owners and fashion-forward fiends all over the city who would like to toast Kiran with an Arnold Palmer and aren't expecting a second child, we found a tasty spiked version of an Arnold Palmer courtesy of Renegade Chicks.
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