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The Angry Barber is Just Like Your Grandfather's Barber

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We recently came across the cutest (or funniest, depending on how you look at it) moniker for a guy that we'd ever heard: the Angry Barber. Who is he? Why is he angry? How can we un-anger or happ-ify him? Well, we talked intimately to Christian Moore, owner of world's cutest moniker, to discuss what makes him tick and why the men in Chicago should flock to his workplace, Frank's Barber Shop, to see him.

Christian Moore has over twenty years of experience doing all aspects of both women's and men's hair, but he wanted to focus solely on men because he saw a void in the market for styling places that were get-down-to-business, and that were run by actual stylists, not wealthy marketing gurus who just happened to want to open a salon. That would be the "Angry Barber" part of him. He then became an independent contractor at Frank's, and therefore could, in essence, start his own business and run it as he sought fit.

He adamantly believes that men don't want their hands dipped in paraffin wax or their feet massaged by cute girls--they want a quick, great cut by an experienced professional. And this is what he offers with his "Angry Barber" business. His model harkens back to the "golden age of barbering" back in your grandfather's time, when barber shops were no frills establishments. You're in and out within twenty to thirty minutes, unless you opt for another specialty of his--the straight razor shave. As another homage to this golden age, he is one of the few barbers in the city that offers a straight razor shave--you know what we're talking about--lying back while he applies white shave cream to your face. With one straight edge blade. Performed with surgical precision. As close to your face as you'd ever want anyone to get. Yes, it's that kind of party when you sit down in the Angry Barber's hydraulic chair. And you're sure to enjoy the ride.
· Angry Barber [Official Site]

Angry Barber at Frank's Barber Shop

56 W Van Buren St, Chicago IL