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Hmmm. Virgin Puts Up a Sign in Andersonville Storefront

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Photo: Jim via the Racked tipline

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As we reported last week, Richard Branson's Virgin Mobile has scoped out and is setting up shop in A-ville next to The Red Balloon. A sign announcing the store's opening went up early this morning. From the looks of it, it seems to be a standard sized cell phone store, enough to show off fancy Virgin-branded product. Many folks seem to think that A-ville should stay as is--with mom and pop shops, eschewing the name-brand retailers. The residents and neighborhood associations want to keep it all in the family, so to speak? What do you think? Is the Virgin outpost a good move in the neighborhood, or will their be negative backlash surrounding the opening of this first-of-many Virgin Mobile stores in Chicago?
· Virgin [Official Site]
· Virgin Mobile [Official Site]

Virgin Mobile

5405 N Clark Street, Chicago IL