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LUSH Emotional Brilliance Line Globally Launches in Two Weeks

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Last night, we got the opportunity to preview LUSH Cosmetics' new color line, Emotional Brilliance at the LUSH boutique in Bucktown. Though it won't launch world-wide in LUSH stores until July 21, as promised, we can tell you it's going to be pretty fab.

Here's why:
· Once you tell a sales person that you'd like to become "emotionally brilliant," she'll become your fortune teller and the best friend you've ever had. Once you sit for your "color reading," you'll gaze hypnotically into the spinning color wheel in all its smokey and misty splendor, and then she'll ask what three colors stand out to you immediately. You'll pick them, almost as if in a trance, and she'll tell you WHY you picked them. It's often based on your mood. And she'll be spot on. As if she were in your brain. As if she's known you your whole life. Yeah, kinda creepy.
· Because LUSH uses gentle and mostly natural, non-toxic formulations, all of the colors are safe enough to wear in places they're not necessarily meant for. Here's what we mean: Just because you buy Success eyeliner doesn't mean it's just for eyes. You can wear it on your lips, or use as a cheek stain. You could even use it for a highlighter or fancy schmancy mascara.
· Their good-enough-to-eat scents instantly puts you in a great mood, even if minutes before you felt like the world was coming to an end.

Chomping at the bit, yet? Yeah, we thought so, but hold your horses. You'll have to wait until the 21st of this month to experience, and, subsequently, purchase the Emotional Brilliance line. Until then, check out Lush on the web or at any of its Chicago boutiques.
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