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Look at This Suspicious Instagram of Three Burberry Cookies

Photo of three Burberry Cookies via the Racked Tipline

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Recently we received what appears to be an Instagram that gives us a vague clue of the progress of the Burberry Flagship location on Michigan Ave. Three Burberry cookies; two decorated with Burberry Plaid, and one with the hashtag #BurberryTakesChicago.

Through the magic of the interwebs, your shop-happy sperslueths at Racked believe to have tracked the cookies down to the kitchen in the Gold Coast. Specifically the kitchen of Executive Pastry Chef at Park Hyatt Chicago and NoMI restaurant, Meg Galus.

The fact that these cookies were made at a hotel leads us to believe that there was an important visitor at the hotel... perhaps someone from the British offices, one of Christopher Bailey's intel collectors or a Stateside counterpart from HQ in New York. Yes, we're suspicious of what exactly happened surrounding this photo and why #BurberryTakesChicago isn't turning up in search results on Twitter.
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Park Hyatt did not return our call at the time this was published
UPDATE: 07/12 The Park Hyatt confirms the cookies came from the artful hand of Meg


633 N Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60606