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UPDATE: Akira's 10th Birthday Party Will Feature a Camel, Donkey, Monkey, Snake and DJ Huggies Supreme

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Akira's big birthday bash is fast approaching and we wanted to keep you abreast to the updates we're seeing come through on the wire. First off, there's a ton of food happening; 13 restaurants including 90 Miles Cuban, and Red Canary. Secondly, the spotlighted clothing brands are 7 Diamonds, Mavi, Penguin, TOMS, Go Max, and French Connection.

That may all seem irrelevant when you're distracted by the grinder/fire-breather, fortune teller, magician, or stilt walker but you'll have another drink and settle in we're sure. Nearby the three DJ booths manned by Huggies Supreme, Incite, and Madrid you may want to ride the camel, or pet the donkey, monkey, or snake. Oh, and pretty much everything in the shoe store will be 20% off. Uh...umm....shuh...?! Amazing.
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