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Get a Summer Lift Without the "Ouch"

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We here at Racked love to primp, preen, prep and purchase anything that will make us look oh-so-fabulous, so we were really psyched when we heard about Ultherapy at one of our fave medi-spas, Cellular Intelligence. Ultherapy is billed as a "lunchtime procedure" that lifts, tones and tightens jowls, jaws and other junk in a noninvasive manner. Ultrasound energy is targeted below the surface of the skin (read: dermis level) to immediately reverse the signs of aging. No anesthesia or scalpels necessary, and you'll look fresh as a daisy after the short procedure. Yes, we Racked editors are young, but we still talk about and try to prevent aging. We want to look 29 right up until the time we're 89.
· Cellular Intelligence [Official Site]

Cellular Intelligence

100 E Walton, Chicago, IL