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Eccentricities You Can Buy at Branca's Closing Sale

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In case you missed the news, Branca in the Gold Coast is closing up shop. We stopped in yesterday to check out the sale and emptied our wallets. Today, the sale opens to the public, everything is marked down between 40% and 60% with bright orange sticky tags.

Normally, the store is well-laid out and meticulously merchandised, however, while this sale is going on, the blinds are closed, there's furniture everywhere, the shelves are packed and stock looks ready to move all the eccentric frivolities they're known for. A few of our favorites are the Norwegian snow measuring sticks, a stuffed pheasant that looks us directly in the eye, a giant poster of a fork, and a welding mask that fits our head perfectly.
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Branca Store

17 E Pearson, Chicago, IL 60610 312-787-1017