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Suitsupply's Opening Night Was... Spectacular (Cops & a Video)

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[Photos: J'nai Gaither & Suitsupply on Facebook]

The highly anticipated Dutch import Suitsupply finally opened its doors this weekend, and threw a party (custom) fit for a king. The so-chic fete played host to endless male-suited beauties and the females who loved them. The party was both indoors and outside on the expansive penthouse terrace. Hot beats, cool eats and a sea of glen plaid, pinstripe, paisley and prince-of-wales check guys made Suitsupply's debut a knockout success.

While the store itself is is a site to behold, it was the endless amounts of Veuve Clicquot, rose and wide variety of delicious and abundant food that really made it stand out--as well as the friendly, fashionable and knowledgeable staff. It was truly the best party of the year, in our opinion. What made it even better is that even though the party was only supposed to last until 9p, the staff allowed us to stay until midnight. With about 30 of us remaining, including the store staff, we continued to dance to great music and drink as much Veuve as we could handle. Yes, there was some dirty dancing. Yes, some champagne glasses were knocked over...a few times, but the store's staff still didn't kick those people out. Instead, they said c'est la vie and kept having fun.

At midnight however, just like Cinderella, it was back to reality. Cops told the store to shut it down. But you remember your high school days, don't you?--it ain't a party 'til the cops show up.

-J'nai Gaither
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