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How One Fabric Store is Upping the Patriotic Ante Amidst Ralph Lauren's Olympic Uniform Scandal

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In the wake of the Olympic Uniform scandal, Supreme Novelty Fabrics reaffirms its efforts and mission to continue to bring more manufacturing and textiles mills back to the United States. The issue addressed with the uniform debacle really goes beyond just Olympic Uniforms being made in China.

Now after all this drama, Supreme Novelty Fabrics is taking steps to bring more manufacturing and mills back to the United States by educating and providing a clientele for American-made fabrics. Supreme Novelty Fabrics sells fabrics that are knit/woven, dyed, printed, and finished all at United States Mills.

“We have enough national resources that we could have a garment made in the United States and be able to trace it?s history back to the mill that made the fabric, the pattern maker that made the pattern, the sewer who constructed the garment, and ultimately the end user who wears the garment,” stated Richard Schneider, third generation owner of Supreme Novelty Fabrics. “When manufacturing started switching to overseas companies, we continued to support local textile and manufacturing companies and will continue to support them in the future.”

This being said, Supreme Novelty Fabrics would welcome opportunities to connect United States manufactures with American designers, and also the opportunity to provide Made in America fabrics for both wholesale or retail sales.
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Supreme Novelty Fabrics

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