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Fashion Camel "Eli" at Akira's Birthday Party

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If there was one day we've been waiting for since the beginning of time, it was last Saturday, when we met Eli the camel. He and his friends, Mindy and Danny decided to stop by 'Akira Row' on North Ave for a special appearance during Akira's 10th birthday party--and boy does Eli know how to party.

When we first met Eli, we were a little tipsy and started to nuzzle his lips, asking what exactly he does for work and in his 'down time'. In fact, for both work and play, Eli's favorite activities are sleeping and eating which is something we can connect with. And it became more apparent that Eli leads quite the posh life when we were told he loves silk blankets and imported rope harnesses.

In addition to Eli, his friends from the suburbs Mindy the monkey and Danny the donkey were marching around in the stores and on the sidewalks. Akira's best clients and supporters were treated to these animals' antics and a big yellow snake who we saw give out kisses to shoppers. There was Middle Eastern food, belly dancers, drinks, male dancers wearing Akira's jewelry line, fire breathers and more belly dancers grinding metal plates over their pelvis' in turn making sparks fly. All that, and there were discounts on clothing and shoes.
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