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Terence Saddemi Rides the Metra to Work Three Days a Week

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Unlike most models/actresses/youngsters working in the retail industry, Terence Saddemi of CityBlue seems to have it figured out. Working as the store's chief greeter, stylist and model, he helps customers, and makes sure they have everything they need to make their shopping experience "tip-top."

As a city-dweller you can find Terence three days a week riding the Metra out to Lake Forest to man the newly opened suburban location, CB. Here, he assists the North Shore's affluent customers with the latest skull and camouflage patterns because he believes, his co-workers tell us, "they never go out of style". He also encourages his clients to buy local designers like C/FAN and DiBi and outfits himself with apparel from CB, hhowever he sometimes has no choice but to buy shoes at Liz's Pet Shop in Humboldt Park and Tails in the City in the Gold Coast.

In his down time at the store, which is pretty rare, he keeps an eye on the merchandise from his perch by the point of sale. For lunch, if he's working at CB he'll eat at Caputo's Deli or Foodstuffs; if he happens to be in Old Town that day, he'll go to the Twisted Baker or the newly opened La Fournette.
· CityBlue and CB [Official Site]


622 Western Avenue, Lake Forest, IL