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Have Your Bed Make Perfect Scents

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Chicago is making a lot of, ahem, scents lately. First, the smell of the city was captured and bottled by Tru Fragrance early in the summer. Now, the smell of opulence is coming to the ever-so-decadent Chicago Luxury Beds showroom. Quintessence-Paris, a Parisian home fragrance line, is the newest addition to the luxe sleep accessories and accoutrement at Chicago Luxury Beds. The showroom is the ONLY retailer in the midwest to carry the line. The new perfume-infused Quintessence uses rose, tangerine, saffron and other scents to help induce restful and deep sleep.

But just like the blue and white checkered horsehair and flax beds that furnish Chicago Luxury Beds, Quintessence-Paris prods don't come cheap. Prices begin at $55 and go up from there. But trust us: uninterrupted, great sleep is worth any amount of money. If you're in the 'hood, stop by CLB tonite, to welcome Quintessence into our Chicago market. If you're not nearby, it's okay. We forgive you...but your sleep might not...
· Chicago Luxury Beds [Official Site]

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