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Double Whammy! See the Lady Gaga's Tribute Musical; Win This Candy Bag From Furla

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Looking to write a bad romance? This Friday, Crimson Lounge at Hotel Sax is giving you the chance to hang with the esteemed cast of the Lady Gaga tribute musical, Bad Romance. Bad Romance is the country’s first live concert experience and full-scale production dedicated to the music of Lady Gaga. On the heels of their nationwide tour, Bad Romance will be performing this Friday at the House of Blues. Tickets, which are still available are only $15.

The reason why we're telling you this is because immediately following the concert, the cast of Bad Romance will head over to Crimson Lounge to host a special drink-y meet and greet party for all concert-goers. During this swishy after party of sorts, some lucky person will win this Furla Candy Bag as part of the J'Adore Crimson Fridays series where the lounge gives away free designer stuff.
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