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Bloomingdale's One Day Home Sale

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It's that time again. You know what we're talking about. You wait for this EVERY year. We're talking about the Bloomingdale's One Day Home Sale. It's the big one. Expect prices to be marked down 20-75% on all of your favorite items and brands. Picture this: silver Kitchenaid mixer, Wusthof cutlery, All Clad stainless cookware and Donna Karan bedding, all at prices you can FINALLY afford. It's going to be EPIC. But what's really cool is that even though it's called the One Day Home Sale, it actually runs two days--today and tomorrow. You can either go to the Bloomingdale's store at the 900 Shops, or the Bloomingdale's Home store on Wabash. Whatever route you choose, your home is going to say "thank you" a million times over.
· Bloomingdale's [Official Site]