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Hottest Trainer Contestant #5: Victor Perfili

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Victor Perfili FFC West Loop. Photo: Nassercamera

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Victor Perfili's educational background in personal training includes such accolades as AAS, Exercise and Fitness; BS, Allied Health Sciences and the United States All-Star Federation (cheerleading). He started personal training as he was an injured ex-gymnast and had rehabilitated himself. He believes he can do the same for others, helping them improve or get back to where they once were.

His training philosophy is centered in the "VICTORIOUS" mindset (as in) its not how good you are, its how great you want to be. This carries through to his inspirational slogan which is, "Train to be Victorious".

Victor's most recent additions to classes he offers include open water swim training for triathlons and a little something called "Urban Trek Training" where he uses the landscape of urban settings to provide variables for his client's workouts. His favorite excersizes are Lat pull-downs, SQUATS and pike raises. In his free time, when he's not socializing and hobnobbing around the city, Victor enjoys gymnastics, rock climbing, traveling, dancing and swimming.
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