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Teacher Says "Get to Study Hall!"

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Photo: Study Hall

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We can't believe that summer's almost over, and that dreaded school schedules will resume, for some, in August. But two owners of a new West Town boutique are making school cool again. They recently opened the appropriately named Study Hall, a store whose highly curated wares rotate seasonally, around a specific subject, if you will. The first subject they're teaching about is textiles. Everything in the store right now has some sort of textile or textile-vibe to it. Cool, huh? We think so. We're not sure what next season's offering will bring, but we do know that we'll be eagerly anticipating their posted schedule so we'll get first dibs on the course selection. Note this: this Study Hall works on an alternative schedule for now, though. Only on the weekends, Friday-Saturday 11am-7pm, and Sunday from 12-5pm. Their hours will change in the near future to a weekday schedule that'll be totally okay with your mom and dad.
· Study Hall [Official Site]