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Hottest Trainer Contestant #6: Luiz Claudio

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Welcome to Racked Chicago's search for Chicago's hottest trainer. Over the coming weeks, we'll profile sixteen smoking candidates who work at local gyms and studios. (Not only do they look hot in spandex, but if you take their classes, you might someday look nearly as good.) Then, once you've gotten to know everyone, we'll host a March Madness-style showdown in which you get to vote for your favorite. Let the games begin!

[Luiz Claudio, Jiu Jitsu Association. Photo: Nassercamera]

Luiz Claudio’s interest in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu started nearly 23 years ago deep in the city of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Growing up, Luiz was a very small size for his age and did not feel safe walking the dangerous streets of Rio. Interested in gaining some self-defense, Luiz decided to check out Brazilian Jiu Jitsu after hearing a great deal about Helio Gracie. Luiz stopped in to check out a Jiu Jitsu class and it was love at first sight.

When first starting the sport Luiz simply trained as a side hobby, but in 1990 this changed when Luiz decided to make the bold decision to move to the United Stated to train seriously under Rickson Gracie in California. This decision would forever change Luiz’s life and further grow his passion and commitment for the sport.

Luiz became an intricate part of the Team Rickson Gracie while training at the California academy. In 2000, ten years after moving to the United States, after much sweat, tears, competitions, and hardships, Luiz was awarded his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt by Rickson Gracie. Now after being a BJJ Black Belt for over 10 years, Luiz has made his way back to the United States to continue the growth of both the sport and his BJJ team. He offers private appointments for pro fighters and everyday people at Monkey Bar Gymnasium in the South Loop.
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