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What the Spicy Boys at Drumbar Wear to Work

Spicy Photo: Chrystine Shelton

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Chicago's spiciest rooftop right now is at the Raffaello in the Gold Coast, and its name is Drumbar. If you've been there, you know what we're talking about. But what are they wearing? Well, this was a question we asked ourselves, so we decided to find out.

Apparently, the designs are inspired by classic photographs found of bartenders working in Chicago during the prohibition era which is where the establishment's name is derived from. Stacey Galbut, founder of Noble Uniforms which designed the garb, says she wanted to stay with the theme of being a speakeasy but making it feel current. Here's how she elaborated on the well-tilored outfits:

"We wanted to create something that felt as if it could be from the past but using details that are only of the present. We designed the uniforms using a certain color palate and patterns that could be seen during prohibition but we modernized them with the tailoring and details that you just wouldn't see during that time. We went with a traditional bow tie because after doing our research that is what we found bartenders wearing, however we made it in the same stripe fabric as the dress shirts they are wearing so it is literally print on print which we loved and felt so current to us.

We wanted to steer away from the traditional black but wanted a subtle pop of color, that's where the burgundy suits came in. It had just the right amount of pop mixed with just the right amount of subtlety that we instantly felt a connection to and knew it would work. Overall we wanted to keep the men looking more traditional, more like gentlemen, we wanted everything to be relative to the theme of Drumbar today."

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