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What Jasmine Imani from Karmaloop Would Wear to Lolla, Pitchfork and North Coast

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Jasmine Imani in a Karmaloop lookbook

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The incredibly funky Chicago-native, music lover and women's fashion director for Karmaloop, Jasmine Imani recently let us in on a few stylish bits relating to Chicago music festivals. Dealing with the heat, the humidity and the sun can be tricky, so we wanted to know what she would wear to our favorite fests -- Lollapalooza, Pitchfork and North Coast.

"Being a former Chicagoan I understand the true humidity you are dealing with?And it isn’t pretty. For one thing I suggest light fabrics. A few things I recommend are a light dress or jumpsuit like these. Something that is not going to cling to your body and potentially reveal sweat marks.

Loose tanks layered with a bandeau and cut offs because the less stuff
touching your body the happier you will be. Sun hats, the less amount hitting you directly the more energy you will have throughout the day.

Strappy sandals because you really don’t want your feet sweating in that type of heat which leads to blisters after all the walking you do at an outdoor festival. And last a cute backpack so you can have all your essentials including a bottle of water and sunblock?be sure to leave your lipsticks at home unless you want them melted in your bag. Outdoor festivals are lip-gloss only functions."

· Karmaloop [Official Site]