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WTF: There are Now Three Children's Stores, One Home Store and One Restaurant Called Sprout

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Sprout San Francisco, on Division in Wicker Park

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Highland Park has a new store opening on the main drag, Central Avenue next Tuesday, the 14th. Sprout Kids will give newborns to age 5 children the chance to be as fashionable as ever, selling mini wearables from an array of lines ranging from American Apparel to Stella McCartney. Not only that, but the store will also have children's furniture, artwork. If there were ever a time to buy two sizes too small Joe's Jeans or Splendid tees, this were it. Unfortunately, this Sprout on the North Shore doesn't have a Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, blog or website...

[Sprout Home Chicago via Apartment Therapy]

This only intensifies the confusion with eco-friendly children's boutique, Sprout Playroom which is soon to open in the South Loop, and Sprout from San Francisco which recently opened on Division in Wicker Park. And then there's one of our favorites, Sprout Home on Damen in Wicker Park which kills it in the online arena in Brooklyn and Chicago, and Dale Levitski's restaurant, Sprout, serving up a 2,600+ Facebook following and a big Twitter presence to boot.

Sprout Kids

644 Central Ave, Highland Park, IL