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LiveTweeting: What Happened at Macy's Brit-Centric Glamorama

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At Macy's yearly extravaganza, Glamorama on Friday night, a young, fashionable crowd turned out to fete some high end designers, and Ronald McDonald House. The red carpet was awash with PYTs donning their trend-driven finest, making sure that they weren't lost in the spectacle with Robin Thicke, or sensational rapping duo, Karmin.

The theme to the night's festivities seemed to be The Beatles and the Union Jack. The Beatles' later hits, from Sgt. Pepper's to 'Let it Be', was the soundtrack of practically every collection. And the Union Jack was bandied about in any way it could be--from the toes of shoes (Doc Martens, mind you) to the background for the Glamorama logo, to a big double decker bus on-stage to the dresses, shirts, tunics and handbags of glam patrons...

Join us after the jump for a short recap of the event as we take a selection of our tweets from and lay them out in an expanded-timeline.

Here we are at The Harris Theater for Macy's #Glamorama!

There are a ton of people here, starting to flow through the doors, posing on the carpet with the palace guards by the door.

@rackedchicago Glad to have you here! #Glamorama

Luna Bar girls are milling about in big blue hats with white feathers in them, giving people chocolate protein bars.

@MacysEvents we wouldn't miss it for the world!

Meanwhile, Macy’s iHeart Radio Star contest winner, Megan & Liz, two Nashville-based 19-year-old fraternal twin sisters pose with two of their friends.

Oh hey Deborah Brown! Way to play the #Glamorama game! Brit Invades Millennium Park.

This is Rochelle, she's the @Swarovski specialist for Macy's: talk about punk rock!

LOOK: @ananku1 and friend, here at #Glamorama to support @RMHCCNI on the red carpet!

Robin... (ahem) THICKE in the lounge at the Harris Theater

Wowzas! @Macys are you ready for this @KarminMusic jelly?

Mr. @BillyDec and @MarqueeMarc wearing @OptimoHats @TomFord JilSander @JohnVarvatos and @HM #Glamorama

The show is about to start and we're out here all alone with the guard!

Hi @CandidCandace! wearing BAR||| and mucho sparkles from @Macys and an Anne Fontaine scarf #Glamorama

Oh, the beastly security guard #backstage at The Harris Theater:


This is Jean Paul Gaultier:

Meanwhile, Karmin played their famous Youtube hit, Brokenhearted.

British Invasion Dancers (aka) really cute youngsters #Glamorama @RMHCCNI @MacysEvents

@rackedchicago Awesome moves! Thanks for sharing! #Glamorama

The Bar ||| presentation was our personal favorite... we've got to hand it to the choreographer. Well done. Brand essence captured.

They were our fave! @MacysEvents

And somewhere in here, the Marc Jacobs presentation featured Jamiroquai hats...

oh, this happens too

Hot guys in @DIESEL underwear: ...Only @Macys #Glamorama for @RMHCCNI

We used our dreamy #Instagram filter on this photo of @JoffreyBallet's @FabriceCalmels with super fan Sandra Samek

Oh, well hello there guys, you looked great in the show. Thank you, @Macys... Wish this eye candy was edible;)

And for this #Instagram we're using the sexy filter: #ShakeItLikeAPolaroid


@rackedchicago So glad everyone is having a fun time! #Glamorama

We just met Janae McVey, the Macy's Ambassador. Janae is a 15-year-old fun-loving, does-everything-right, and loves-her-family, type of child fighting childhood cancer. With the help of Ronald McDonald House, Janae received a care plan and emotional support for the time when she was undergoing radiation from all the volunteers and staff at Chicago's Ronald McDonald House. Hearing the ways a community can take one of their own, and help in such a difficult time is not only tearing us up, but inspiring.

Ok guys, it's 11:30 and we're off the clock. look forward to our recap tomorrow

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