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The Lives and Immense Life Changes of the Childhood Best Friends Behind Luxury Garage Sale

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In the first post of a three-part series, our Rick Owens-clad finder of the impossible, Samm Mackin speaks with the duo behind Luxury Garage Sale about life, collection obsessions and the pursuit of happiness.

[Photo via Brielle's mom]

Brielle Buchberg and Lindsay Segal are the beauty and brains behind Luxury Garage Sale, Chicago’s most fabulous luxury consignment boutique. These ladies don’t just play dress up in furs and bling all day they hustle like no other. Brielle and Lindsay dished to us on how to have it all and juggle it all as they successfully balance family, business, and still have tons fun. It also doesn’t hurt that the two are besties for life who have known each other since their biggest fashion statement was probably a poopy diaper.

We have so much to talk about! You guys are in the midst of moving offices and opening a new store, running a business while moving offices, Brielle is having a baby, and Lindsay is getting married. We almost had to take a break halfway through listing all of that!

Racked: What keeps you guys calm amidst it all?
Brielle Buchberg: It does sound like a lot when you say it all at once! And I am actually having two babies! We just do. We have no other choice. At time it is stressful but we just take a deep breath and keep on going.

Racked: How do you do it all?
Lindsay Segal: A lot of to do lists! Brie and I are constantly making long check lists of things we need to accomplish. We try to make daily goals and then put check marks next to the things we finish. We love check marks ?

Racked: So you can have it all? Career, friends, get married, and have a baby?
BB: ABSOLUTELY! It is definitely a juggling act but we both knew going into this that as our business grew, life would continue to happen. We both always knew we would want to start families. Being pregnant has not stopped me from putting my blood, sweat and tears into the business and the same goes for Lindsay with planning her wedding. It is great to have each other to step in if and when the other is out. Lindsay is going on her honeymoon knowing I will be here to handle everything. When I am out on maternity, I can trust that Lindsay will be in control.

Our social lives have definitely changed because we spend so much time working but our friends have been extremely supportive.

[One Halloween Brielle's mom made them into a two-headed monster]

Racked: You guys are besties for life, how long have you known each other?
LS: We have been friends since age 3! I consider her family.

Racked: Did you have a lemonade stand or garage sales together as kids?
BB: Not that I can remember!

Racked: Did you guys have a style obsession as kids?
LS: We didn’t really have style obsessions, but we definitely had “collection obsessions”. Brie and I were always big collectors and always needed to have the latest and greatest 90’s fad: Trolls, erasers, stickers, Pogs, the list goes on?

Racked: Were you ever afraid working together would ruin your best friendship?
BB: I honestly never even thought about it. We both knew we had a great concept and we just went for it without thinking twice!

Racked: How do you separate your business time from play time when you work with your BFF?
LS: We don’t really separate anything-- for good or bad. Our daily conversations bounce between work and personal. We never really consider 9am-5pm exclusively work time since we always bring our work home with us. In fact, our most productive time is when we are at home and have no distractions.

Racked: What can we expect from your new space for Luxury Garage Sale?
BB: For starters, it is 3 times the size of our current space. The store is about 1,300 square feet and we have designed every aspect of it from scratch. We were essentially given a blank canvas and we are really proud of how much work has gone into the design. It will be very luxe! We want it to feel more like a customer is walking into a living room than a store. You know, a living room that just happens to have brands like Chanel, Lanvin and Balenciaga in it! We are so excited for everyone to see what we have been working so hard on!

Racked: Is there more bling and fur than ever?
LS: The store will have an amazing mix of vintage, and new and gently used designer pieces. There will be a lot of unique costume jewelry, some of which I may have trouble parting with!!

Racked: How do you guys resist buying all the amazing merchandise you carry?
BB: We get asked this question a lot. Believe it or not, we get more of a thrill out of selling it! We get excited when a client is excited.

Racked: What is the best thing ever that was consigned with LGS?
LS: An obvious answer would be 3 fabulous skin Birkin bags! But truthfully, my favorites are the vintage stand out jewelry and clothing items that are all one of a kind. Brie and I get the most excited about one-of-a-kind pieces that we have never seen before.
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